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Hugh Christie School Uniform

Unisex Blazer

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 Shirt Long Sleeve

Twn Pk - From £18.95

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Shirt Short Sleeve

Twn Pk - From £18.95

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Twn Pk - From £24.95


From £24.95

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Angelou Tie


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Attenborough Tie


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Coe Tie


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Polo Shirt

From £15.95

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P.E. Shorts

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P.E. Shirt 

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P.E. Skort

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Unisex Hoodie

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Sports Bags


School uniform items (marked with the *) can only be purchased from S. Simmonds & Son LTD you can order online, in-store or via telephone. 

S.Simmonds & Son

64 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells

Kent  TN1 2UG

Contact Number & Opening Hours :

01892 837202

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Alternatively, you can also click on the pictures provided for direct access to the website.

Free postage and packaging are available for all online and telephone orders.

At Hugh Christie, we believe our uniform fosters a sense of belonging, pride and identity. It sets high standards for students and makes an important contribution to a positive and purposeful working environment.


We, therefore, have a smart school uniform that is compulsory to wear at all times on the journey to and from school and during the school day. Failure to adhere to the policy is serious and one will be disciplined through the school’s behaviour protocols.


The uniform requirement for students is as follows:


  • Black tailored trousers made from at least 60% polyester or navy skirt (knee length) (navy blue black tights or socks must be worn with the skirt)

  • Plain pale blue shirt or a pale blue open-necked blouse with the school logo

  • Hugh Christie cardigan or jumper – not compulsory; can be worn under but NOT instead of a blazer

  • Hugh Christie blazer

  • Completely black leather shoes

  • House tie


Clothing which is not allowed:


  • Tight or ‘skinny’ trousers

  • Non-Hugh Christie skirts

  • Leggings

  • Boots, trainers, flip flops or full/part canvas shoes

  • Patterned or fishnet tights, footless tights or stockings

  • Looped earrings, “bling” earrings with imitation jewels, multiple pairs of earrings

  • All other jewellery

  • Make-up (including acrylic nails, nail gels, nail colouring and varnish)

  • Hoodies, denim jackets, leather jackets or tracksuit tops that are worn as an outside jacket

  • Jumpers, jackets, cardigans or fleeces other than those with a logo

  • Caps or hats

  • Extreme hairstyles (Mohawks, tramlines, shaved patterns, less than grade two, unnatural hair dye colours)

  • Long-sleeved tops underneath polo shirts, short sleeve shirts or blouses


Please ensure that suitable outdoor coats, gloves and scarves are worn on the journey to and from school. These must be taken off when in lessons. In hot weather, the school will inform students when jackets do not need to be worn.


In the event students do not arrive at school wearing the correct uniform then;


  1. They will be offered alternative washed school clothing and footwear available from ‘the rack’.

  2. Should they refuse to wear these alternatives, parents will be contacted to request the correct uniform be delivered to the school.

  3. In the event a student still refuses to wear the correct uniform despite requests from school staff and their parents, it will be deemed as a refusal to carry out a reasonable instruction and they will be set a 'Daily Detention'.

Some religions and beliefs require their adherents to conform to a particular dress code. The school will reserve the right to restrict freedoms only in some circumstances, such as to promote cohesion and good order in the school or genuine health and safety or security considerations. This will be done through dialogue with the child and family concerned.


PE  Uniform:

(* Optional Items)

(# No other warm top may be worn)

Participation in Physical Education is an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle for your child. Therefore, we expect that all students will bring the correct kit to the school on days when they have PE lessons.


Students who do not arrive properly equipped for lessons will be expected to borrow a kit from the PE department. Students who choose not to bring in kits and refuse to borrow departmental kits will be set a 'Daily Detention'.

  • Light Blue School Polo Shirt

  • Trainers

  • Navy / Light Blue Rugby Shirt*

  • Navy Shorts

  • Football / Rugby boots

  • Navy Skort

  • Short White Socks

  • Navy/Light Blue School Rugby or Hockey Socks

  • School Logo PE Hoodie*

  • Grey Tracksuit Bottoms*

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