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School Transport

Bus Passes:

If you live in Kent and your child is in school in Years 7 and 11 you can apply for a KCC Travel Saver that enables up to 50% of the cost of travel to and from school. The annual pass is £360 but this year there is the option to pay with monthly instalments and reductions for pupils on free school meals.

Steps to get your Bus Passes for the Hugh Christie Bus Routes: 

Apply online for the KCC Travel Saver application form from the KCC website:

Hugh Christie do not process the KCC Travel forms, this is done by KCC only.

The bus passes will be delivered to the school over the summer break and will be distributed by the school during the first two weeks of the September term.

If you do not apply within the dates set out by KCC  we cannot guarantee that your pass will be ready for the September term and you will have to pay the daily rate for travel. Please be aware that late applications can take up to 4 weeks to be processed by KCC.


For those students in the sixth form, there is a different application process. For more information on how to attain the post-16 bus pass, please see this information:

Please note that individual bus companies do provide other payment methods such as daily and weekly passes. You must contact the operator separately regarding these.


Concerns About Bus Travel:

The planning of any routes is done on a commercial basis only. Neither the school or the bus operator can guarantee any stops or times of travel.  

If you have a concern about the reliability or punctuality of the bus service, you must contact the operator.

  • Arriva - 0344 800 4411

  • Hams Travel - 01580 879537

If you have a concern about the conduct of students, you should contact your child's Head of Year.


Students are expected to behave well on the bus at all times. if they do not do so, the bus companies reserve the right to ban your child from travelling for a period or permanently.

If your child does not have a bus pass or means to pay, they will not be allowed to travel. This includes on the way home from school. In this case, it will be the parent's responsibility to collect their child from school or make other alternative arrangements for them to get home safely.

During the period of Covid-19 prevention, operators may require students to wear face coverings in order to travel. Where students are not able to sit or stand with others in the same year group, they should wear a face covering.

Bus Timetables:

Bus timetables are reviewed annually based on the number of users and their location. Bus companies cannot guarantee stops and times will stay the same year to year. Whilst they will do their best to maintain consistent services, these are commercial operators.

All operators operate a no pass or no fare no travel policy. 

Please note that the HC2 service from Dunton Green to Hugh Christie via Seal, Otford, Sevenoaks and Hildenborough is no longer in use. 


Links to current services coming on to the Hugh Christie site:

Sundridge to Hugh Christie school via Edenbridge ( HC1)

Tunbridge Wells to Hugh Christie School via Tonbridge town centre (Arriva 582)

East Peckham to Hugh Christie School via Wateringbury, West Malling, Kings Hill and Hadlow (Service C)

Alternatively, passengers from Wateringbury (0732 from Wateringbury /1523 - Leaving Hadlow  Mon to Thur home and 1353 on Friday) and Mereworth (0738 to school 1523 leaving Hadlow  Mon to Thur home and  1353 on Friday)  can use the Arriva 7 bus and change at Hadlow square onto the Hugh Christie Service

From Tonbridge Castle (connecting to the 582 services), a large number of connecting buses are available which students will be able to access with their KCC Travel Saver Pass.


To find out the times and number of other buses, use the link below:

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