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Service Learning

As part of their Sixth Form experience, all students are expected to take part in activities beyond their curriculum area. Students are required to log at least one hour per week for a Service Learning activity; here are some ideas:

Becoming a House Leader:

Working with the school houses to:

  • Help organise competitions between the houses

  • Help organise social events for the houses

  • Helping to produce house yearbooks

  • Contribute materials for house events

  • Assist with assemblies

  • Help organise the Year 11 Prom  


Leading or becoming part of a charity committee:

  • Selecting a charity for the 6th Form

  • Organising fundraising events for the school or local community


Leading or being part of a sporting committee:      

  • Organising sporting events for the school

  • Organising events between schools or 6th Forms

  • Organising student/staff competitions


Mentoring of lower school students in advisory groups:

  • Mentoring students struggling with social issues

  • Mentoring students academically

  • Mentoring students with behavioural challenges


 Subject Support:

  • Attaching yourself to a department

  • Supporting in the role of a teaching assistant

  • Supporting a department with administration

  • Supporting a department with the preparation of materials.


Supporting Local Community:

  • Supporting a local primary school

  • Supporting a local charity

  • Volunteering to help out with local sporting events for children


Recreational and Creative Arts:

  • Taking part in a band to support school and community events

  • Supporting gifted and talented artists in the lower school


If you have an idea of your own that you’d prefer, discuss it with your advisor or Mr Sheppard / Ms Allen.

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