School Houses

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Coe House

"For those of you lucky enough to be part of House Coe, you will be encouraged to be confident enough to try something you never thought you would, commit to as many house competitions as possible and to be competitive when trying to earn as many house points as possible, which can be earned through your participation, attendance and demonstration of the 9 house values. 

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Attenborough House

"If you are a member of House Attenborough, wear your colours with pride! Show your support and commitment to the values of this house by getting involved in house competitions and charity events. Remember, one person can make a change, but when we come together for a common goal we will be unstoppable."

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Angelou House

"Our values are 'Courage, Kindness and Resilience' and we will be 'rising up' to grow these values in Our House. I look forward to doing this together! Best wishes"


October House Event 2020