Culture, Conduct & Community
at Hugh Christie

The culture of the school, the conduct expected and the community it creates is the responsibility of everyone: the teachers, support staff and the students. Everyone is on the same team. Everyone has an obligation to create and nurture a positive environment in which we are all ready to learn, respectful of oneself and of others and take responsibility for our actions. We have high expectations that all pupils will:

Be Ready – Be Respectful – Be Responsible




  • To create a community where high standards of conduct result in high quality learning. 

  • To create a community where all staff and students feel a sense of belonging. 

  • To foster a culture where all staff and students are treated fairly, are shown respect and take responsibility for their actions and words. 

  • To recognise and reward positive contributions to the community and culture of the school.  

  • To promote personal respectful conduct towards everyone at the school. 

READY - To have a successful day

  • Come to school every day with your ‘Five a Day’ and make sure these are put on your desk at the start of advisory and every lesson so your teacher can see you are ready.

  • Ensure you have an appropriate bag for school and get it ready the night before with the correct books and any particular equipment you need for your lessons the next day (such as your PE kit).

  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

  • Eat breakfast before school, bring a water drinks bottle to  keep you hydrated and either bring, or have the means to buy, healthy food to keep you going through the day.

  • Ensure you have completed your homework and bring it in when it is due – use Show My Homework to ensure you meet all deadlines.

  • Get dressed in the correct uniform before leaving home.

  • Use tactics so you are thinking positively about the day ahead.

  • Arrive to lessons on time.

RESPECTFUL - Of themselves, to everyone & everything in our community

  • Aim high for yourself.

  • Be polite to every student, every member of staff and every visitor in school.

  • Listen to all staff and students.

  • Consider the impact of what you say on others and the impact of your actions on other individuals in our school community.

  • Be positive to all those you come into contact with, remembering we all have the right to be different.

  • Work cooperatively with others towards achieving shared goals.

  • Look after and improve our school, local community and global environment.

  • Be considerate to members of our local community and members of the public when travelling to and from school and when on educational visits.

RESPONSIBLE - For your own learning and behaviour

  • Remain focused in lessons and try to avoid distractions.

  • Be positive and enthusiastic about your learning, remembering we cannot always get things right or perfect first time.

  • Show leadership by supporting, encouraging and motivating others towards achieving a shared goal

  • Listen attentively to others and respond to their ideas sensitively and appropriately.

  • Check if you understand things and ask questions if you do not understand.

  • Do not give up if you find things difficult and always remember there is a solution to a problem.

  • Around school, ensure you behave appropriately on corridors and in other social spaces.

  • If things do go wrong, remember in your restorative conversations to acknowledge and accept that this is the case and learn from this so that you do not repeat the same mistakes again.