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Religious Education

Our intent is to "develop the ability to critically reflect on the influence of religious and non-religious beliefs, institutions and and worldviews, on their own and other people's ethics, identities and actions across time and across places". 

During Key Stage 3, Religious Education (Philosophy and Ethics) is delivered through the REAL curriculum. Thje curriculum is based on the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The Age-Related Learning Objectives for RE will be delivered through the REAL Curriculum.

From Year 9, all students will participate in five Philosophy and Ethics focus days which will allow students to explore Religious, Philosophical and Ethical issues in depth and within a wider historical context.


Day one will be looking at The Holocaust.  Students will examine how it was possible for the Holocaust to take place, exploring the roots of antisemitism and how the Nazis were able to exploit this. Students will also find out about the plans behind The Final Solution and the effects that it had on the whole world.


Day two will give the students a chance to find out about six of the main world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam). Students will look at the main tenets of each religion before considering what they believe to be the most important drawn from all faiths and none.

In addition to this core offer, students will have the opportunity to take a GCSE in Religious Studies as one of their options. The specification followed is:


GCSE Religious Studies (Eduqas Route A) 

If you have any questions about Religious Education at the school, please email Paul Bargery.

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