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Year 7 & 8

The development of leadership form an important element of the Hugh Christie Learning Journey.

In Years 7 and 8, students will be taught the skills for character and leadership. Activities will include:

  • ‘Make me awesome'’ course exploring leaders past and present and what qualities make them good at leading.

  • Project-based learning in groups, where all the students will have the opportunity to take the lead and evaluate their skills.

  • Developing the Leadership elements 1 to 6 of the Skills Builder programme.

  • Participation in an outdoors activities where leadership is tested.

  • Plan an event as an advisory group, for example, to raise money or present ideas (such as an assembly).

Year 9

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Diploma

The Leadership Diploma is about giving students ‘the edge’ over others in the future. It will also prepare them for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award should they decide to pursue this.

To achieve the Leadership Diploma, students will have shown their Advisor they have great skills in five important areas. 

Exam results are important but they are only part of making our students the great people we want them to become.

When they  apply for Sixth Form, apprenticeships, University, College or employment, the Leadership Diploma will show others what skills they have gained and how they achieved them.

The Leadership Diploma consists of FIVE areas:







To achieve the full GOLD Leadership Diploma, you must achieve all five skills.

Years 10 & 11

This opportunity will be open to all Year 10 and 11 students who have achieved the Gold Leadership Diploma by the end of Year 9.

Application forms for Student Leader will be made available in the Summer Term for Year 9 following an assembly. In addition, subjects may nominate leaders who have shown a particular commitment to their subject over the previous year.

All applicants must have demonstrated positive role model attributes within the school, and have demonstrated a good community spirit by being actively involved in school events. Eg. Open Evening, sporting events, performing arts etc.

From the applications and nominations, successful students will be invited for interview with a member of the Leadership Team.


Successful candidates will form the Student Leadership Group, the number of Student Leaders will vary from year to year depending on the interest and number of successful candidates.

Students will then participate in a training programme to involve:

  • Peer mentoring

  • Peer mediation

  • Making the school outstanding

  • Leading a group for advisory

  • Public speaking

Training may be prior to taking office or during the time of office.

Other Information

School will provide distinctive Student Leader ties or badges so that students can be easily identified around school site by all members of the community. The Student Leaders will be rewarded for their services, by certificates, recognition in Assemblies, and any other methods that the Executive Principal deems fit.

A Head and Deputy student leader will represent the Student Leadership Group. These leaders will be chosen by the student leaders themselves through a democratic process. 

Student Leader duties  will cover a number of areas, and students will be designated roles according to their strengths:

  • Student Voice through Advisory links

  • Ambassador for a particular subject with duties assigned to them by the Director of Learning.

  • Advising the Leadership  / Governing Body on school policy and improvement

  • Supporting allocated vulnerable students

  • Learning mentor

  • Behaviour mentor

  • Supporting restorative conversations

  • Feedback on learning styles through discussion with teaching staff

  • Meeting potential new staff, students and parents

  • Supporting Parents’ Evenings

  • Supporting charity events

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Any further duties that the Executive Principal deems fit


The Executive Principal may offer a warning or terminate the contract of student leaders if they are found to be in breach of this contract. Parents will be notified immediately if this is to occur.

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