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Duke of Edinburgh Award

For more information about DofE contact:

Miss Sarah Jacobson - DofE Award Leader

01732 353544 Ext. 266


A fun adventure and major challenge, three progressive Award levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and a wide range of activities offer endless possibilities to anyone aged 14 to 24. Millions of young people in the UK have already taken part in the world’s leading youth achievement award – pushing personal boundaries, gaining new skills and enhancing their CVs and university applications. Time to get involved and go the extra mile?


Hugh Christie runs both the Bronze and Silver Awards and we work in collaboration with Tonbridge Gold to enable students to access the Gold Award.


There are a number of Duke of Edinburgh Award sections that enable participants to challenge themselves and undergo personal growth, these include:


  • Volunteering

  • Physical

  • Skills

  • Expedition

  • Residential (for Gold Award participants only)


Duke of Edinburgh expeditions provide a unique reason and opportunity to explore the amazing countryside. Without a doubt, the skills that young people learn in preparation for their expedition such as first aid, preparing and cooking their own food, finding shelter from the elements and navigating their way across the countryside are powerful skills that they and others will benefit from for the rest of their lives.


The Hugh Christie Duke of Edinburgh team runs our expeditions in the Spring and Summer terms.  Teams will complete a training expedition, practice expeditions and qualifying expedition in teams of between 4 and 7 people.  The Bronze teams will walk approximately 25km over 2 days, whilst the Silver teams will walk approximately a total of 40km over 3 days, with participants and staff camping overnight.


I really enjoyed taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award while I was at school.  It provided an opportunity to challenge myself, learn new things and do good work in the community. It is something that I still talk about with my school friends to this day.”


Dame Kelly Holmes

Hugh Christie Alumni

Double Olympic Champion

Silver Award Holder

Mission Statement

To inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognise their achievements. We strive to achieve our mission through personal development programmes and the presentation of Awards. Guiding principles include:



A DofE programme is a personal challenge and not a competition against others. Every participant’s programme is tailor-made to reflect their individual starting point, abilities and interests.


Achievable By All

A Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is achievable by any young person who chooses to take up its challenge, regardless of ability, gender, background or location.


Personal Development

A DofE programme inspires personal and social development. The value to young people is dependent on personal commitment, the learning process and the quality of the experience.



Our aim is to ensure that participants experience the development of the whole person; mind, body and soul. By undertaking activities focusing on at least four different aspects of development, young people complete a balanced and wide-ranging programme.


Demand Commitment

A DofE programme demands persistence and commitment and cannot be completed with a short burst of enthusiasm. Participants are encouraged to continue with activities and to maintain their interest beyond their programme requirements.



Young people should find participation enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding. The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver award scheme is successfully operating at Hugh Christie.

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