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The Howard Library

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Library Opening Hours 

Monday: 9am - 2:50pm

Tuesday: 8am - 3:50pm

Wednesday: 9am - 2:50pm

Thursday: 9am - 3:50pm

Friday: Closed


Room 3F8


Mrs Nicola Towner - School Librarian

Tel: 01732 353544 Ext. 246


Finding a Book:

Our non-fiction books are ordered by the Dewey decimal number covered by a clear coloured label.  Further details are shown on the signs above the bookcases.

Our fiction books are ordered alphabetically by author’s surname into the following genres.

  • Adventure

  • Animals

  • Biography

  • Fantasy

  • Graphic Novels

  • Historical Fiction

  • Horror

  • Humour

  • Manga

  • Mystery

  • Quick Reads

  • Science Fiction

  • Short Stories

  • Sixth Form Reading Scheme

  • War

  • Young Adult

Non Fiction Guide:


000 - 009 - General/Reference 


100 - 199 - Philosophy/Psychology 


200 - 299 - Religion 

Light Blue

300 - 399 - Society/Community


400 - 499 - Languages 


500 - 599 - Science 


600 - 699 - Technology 


700 - 799 - Arts/Music/Sport 


800 - 899 - Literature 


900 - 999 - Geography 

Dark Blue

About the Library

The library is a buzzing and thriving place to be and is guaranteed to be busy throughout the whole school day. 

Reading is such an important part of every child’s day and our library is there to provide an excellent source of books to support our students with their studies and to enjoy reading.

During breaks and lunch times you will find students browsing and reading books, doing homework, working on computers, working independently or in groups or enjoying one of our book clubs.

Library Dedication

The Howard Library is dedicated to Mr Roy Howard (1922-2011), the first headteacher of Hugh Christie School.  He was a well-respected local school leader and made a huge contribution to the lives of thousands of young people in this area.


All students can borrow up to 3 books for a period of 3 weeks.

All books must be signed in and out by the Librarian on duty.  If no one is available your book can be placed in the returns box just outside the entrance to the library. 

If you have not finished reading your book you can ask the Librarian to renew it and get it re-stamped.

Code of Conduct

The Library can become very busy during break and lunch times.  To ensure that all students can work safely and productively, we operate a simple code of conduct:

  • Students should have a clear purpose for their visit to the Library.

  • Bags to be kept under the tables.

  • Quiet talking is acceptable.

  • Eating and drinking is not-permitted.

  • Mobile phones must NOT be used in the quiet reading area.

  • Only one student to each computer.

  • Students should leave the area tidy.

  • Return any books to where you found them.

Library Passes are required to access the Library during break and lunchtime. These are available from the Librarian. Library Passes will be revoked if a student breaks the Code of Conduct.

What we have?

We have over 6000 fiction and non-fiction books, book posters and prospectuses as well as 8 computers with internet access.

Our Library Catalogue is available on the 'Student Quick Links' at the footer of the Hugh Christie website, which you can search at any time. You can also view new resources, latest news, book of the week and featured authors.

We are happy for you to suggest any books that we should stock in the library.  Please give your suggestions to the Librarian on duty.

Why should I read?

New Book Club Advert
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Recommended Reads

We have put together some recommended reading lists for different year groups. Please click on the buttons below to browse these.

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