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Curriculum Information

Our intention is to provide a broad a balanced curriculum, delivered through a culture of high expectations, principled and caring relationships and consistent routines.  We use our expert subject knowledge to inspire and enthuse children, sparking curiosity and risk taking.

Our curriculum and teaching seek to develop vocabulary, knowledge, skills, character and culture over the long term. We support this through our ‘Pillars of Excellence’; strategies that represent best practice throughout the curriculum.

Our Learning Journeys set out the order in which the curriculum is delivered in every subject.

Foundation Years Programme:

Years 7, 8 and Semester 1 of Year 9 constitute the Foundation Programme.

All Pupils, irrespective of their ability, follow a Foundation Years Programme which covers eight areas of experience:


  • In English - Pupils follow the English National Curriculum at KS3 (Key Stage 3).

  • In Maths - Pupils follow the Mathematics National Curriculum at KS3.

  • In Science - Pupils follow the Science National Curriculum at KS3.

  • In Languages - Pupils follow the German or Spanish National Curriculum at KS3. 

  • In Humanities - Pupils follow the National Curriculum at KS3 in History and Geography and the agreed syllabus for Religious Education (Philosophy and Ethics)

  • In Arts - Pupils follow the National Curriculum at KS3 in Art, Music (only Years 7 and 8) & Drama (English).

  • In Design and Information Technology - Pupils study the National Curriculum Design Technology, including Food Technology. Some aspects of the KS3 Computing National Curriculum are delivered although more emphasis is placed on relevant application-based knowledge and skills that will prepare pupils for the workplace.

  • In Physical Education (including Dance) - Pupils follow the PE National Curriculum at KS3.


In addition, pupils experience five Focus Days each year.  The Focus Day covers Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Citizenship.

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