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Everyone has the right to feel safe and happy at our school

What is bullying?


Teasing, spreading rumours, physical hurt, threats or name calling repeatedly by the same person or group is bullying.  It can be to your face or online. One off problems, reactions to your unkindness or arguments with friends are upsetting but not bullying.

If bullying happens:

· try to remain calm and confident

· tell the bullies to STOP

· get away

· get help

· screenshot if online



· tell an adult in school or tell a Student Leader (who will tell an adult for you) or email

· tell someone at home

To help the adults help you, be clear about:


· what has happened to you

· how often

· who was involved

· where it happened

· when it happened

· other witnesses

· screenshots if online

· what you have done about it already


You may be asked to keep a diary and show it to a trusted adult.

What will happen:


· We will work with you so you feel safe.

· We will make sure you have a trusted person in school you can talk to.

· We will speak to the bully and make them aware of the consequences if they continue bullying you.

· We will offer you support to help stop the bullying.

· We offer mediation between you, your friendship circle and the bully (if this is something you are happy with).


If you find it difficult to talk to anyone at school or at home about being bullied, ring ChildLine (0800 1111) or visit The phone call is free and confidential.

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