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A.G.T. (Able, Gifted, Talented)

At Hugh Christie we aim to identify and provide for any student who is able, gifted or talented in a specific subject.  A student who is able is achieving above expectations for their age.


A child who is gifted is achieving well above the expectations for their age. A child who is talented has the ability to excel in a particular skill or task.


We identify students in a range of different ways including using information from primary school, teacher assessments, formal testing, lesson observations and interests outside of school. We understand that students may be able, gifted and talented in different ways and in different subjects.


Every curriculum area identifies and provides for able, gifted and talented students. Provision includes ability setting, providing tasks at a higher level (differentiation) and extra-curricular opportunities. This is summarised later in this booklet. We also provide opportunities across the whole school.


The progress of able, gifted and talented students is monitored formally six times a year and this is reported to parents. We specifically monitor the progress of our higher ability students and put in place intervention if they are not achieving their target grades.


If you have any further questions about provision for able, gifted and talented students, please do not hesitate to contact the designated member of subject staff.


Please click here to open a copy of our guide for supporting able, gifted and talented students.


Please click here to open a copy of the details of each subject's provision.


Year 7 and 8:

On admission to Year 7, able students are placed in one of our two EBACC classes. They will be taught in these ability groups for REAL (Humanities), English and Science.  Mathematics and Physical Education are also set according to ability.

Most other curriculum subjects teach mixed ability classes where is provision made for able, gifted or talented students through different tasks or activities.


Years 9, 10 and 11:

Students start their GCSE courses at the start of Year 9. Able students would expect to follow a curriculum that includes:

  • GCSE English Language and Literature taught in ability sets

  • GCSE Mathematics taught in ability sets

  • GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics taught in an ability set

  • At least one GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language

  • A GCSE in History and/or Geography

Students will then have the option to study three other subjects.

Students who are gifted and talented in the Arts, Technology or Physical Education will be supported to be able to choose subjects that play to their strengths.


Sixth Form:

The school offers a wide range of Academic Advanced Level courses. At least half of our Sixth Form leavers move to University after completing their A levels.

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