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Pastoral Support

At Hugh Christie, pastoral support takes place through our year based system.

All students will all be members of a year group based Advisory group. They will meet their Advisor every day.

During Advisory time, students will be able to share and discuss and issues or concerns with their Advisor. Their Advisor will also monitor every students' attendance, conduct and progress. 

If you have any general concerns about your child, their Advisor is the best person to contact in the first instance.

The aim is that an Advisor will remain with their group from Years 7 to 11. 

Every Year Group has a member of support staff who is trained to support the team of Advisors and work with individual children. They may be called upon to support students with improving achievement, attendance and conduct.


The Heads of Year are:

Year 7 - Cindy O’Hare

Year 8 - Casey Miller

Year 9 - Natalie Nicholson

Year 10 - Michelle Harding

Year 11 - Kelly Ala

Sixth Form - Laura Allen


Other key pastoral members of staff are:

Penny Basson - Student Support Coordinator

Jeanette Ingram - Director of Safeguarding

Hannah Norman/ Sara Ramlot- School Counsellors 

Justin Sheppard Deputy Principal for Wellbeing and Sixth Form. 

Heather Swinnerton - Deputy Principal for Years 7 to 11.

Aimee Acton - Deputy Principal with oversight of Raising Standards within our Quality of Education Team.

In addition to these staff, the school has a range of other staff who support students' well being. These include a team of counsellors who are available to provide one to one or small group support to pupils.

If you have any concerns about your child's well being or progress at school, please do contact our pastoral team who are there to help.

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