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Literacy and Reading at Hugh Christie

Hugh Christie Word of the Week

Words give you Power – the more you have the more powerful you will be.


In your school day, you will meet thousands of words, some you know and some you don’t. You will also meet the same words in different lessons and be expected to know how that subject uses that word when another subject might use it in a different way.


To help you learn, be powerful and be confident in using words in many different ways and in many different situations, we are going to focus on one word a week that can be used by lots of different subjects.


You will see how it is used, you will know how it is spelt and what its word classification is. You will see how it links to other words and what is meant when each    subject uses the word.


Of course, you will still be using thousands of other words and you should still try to learn new words every day.

Word of the week resources for 2022/23 can be accessed here

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