Who's Who At Hugh Christie?

The School Governors

The Governing Body consists of fifteen governors and a number of other associates. The governing body is made up of parents, school staff and community members, who support, challenge and scrutinise the school leadership team. They also agree the school policies, many of which can be found in this booklet.


The Chair of Governors is Sue Mason and the Vice Chairs are Isabel Handyside and David Hitchcock. If you wish to contact the governing body please do so via Julia Souter via email on or by telephone on 01732 353544 Ext. 279.

My Child’s Advisor & Teachers

Your child will see their Advisor every day. Advisors are responsible for supporting your child at the school and monitoring their readiness, responsibility and respectfulness. They should be your first line of communication if you have any general concerns or questions.


My Child’s Teachers


You will find these listed on their timetable and on the MyEd App. Please contact the subject teachers if you have specific questions or concerns about those lessons.


Our preferred method of contact is via email.

Key Telephone Extensions

Call the main school number (01732 353544) and then dial the extension number when prompted:


224:     Penny Basson & Claire Hickmott (Student Support)

273:     Natalie Nicholson (Head of Year 7)            

286:     Andrew Dimon (Head of Year 8) 

248:     Kelly Midwinter (Head of Year 9 / Transport Manager)

272:     Cindy Nye (Head of Year 10)       

239:     Michelle Harding  (Head of Year 11)

227:     Laura Allen (Sixth Form Pastoral Leader)    


266:    English Department

231:    Maths Department

263:    Science Department

254:    Art & Photography Department

265:    PE Department

285:    REAL Department

258:    Humanities & Languages Department

256:    Technology & Business Department

270:    Performing Arts Department

288:    Lighthouse Provision

235:    Jeanette Ingram (Director of Safeguarding)

244:    Kelly McCarthy (Attendance Manager)

230:    Charlotte Martin (Parent Support)

240:    Administration Department & Admissions 

241:    Finance Department

232:    IT Support

275:     Sarah Stewart (Business Manager) 

279:     Julia Souter (Examinations Manager)

280:    Medical Room

Heads of Year

Every Year Group  has a member of support staff who is trained to support the team of Advisors and work with individual children. They may be called upon to support students with improving achievement, attendance and conduct.


The Heads of Year are:


Year 7 - Natalie Nicholson

Year 8 - Andrew Dimon

Year 9 - Kelly Midwinter / Claire Hickmott

Year 10 - Cindy O’Hare

Year 11 - Michelle Harding

Sixth Form - Laura Allen

Heads of House


Each House has a Community Leader and they are:

Angelou - Alison Hawley

Attenborough - Kristie Connor

Coe - Becky Wells

The Senior Leadership Team

Jon Barker

The Executive Principal who has strategic oversight of Hugh Christie School and Long Mead Community Primary School. His responsibilities cover both schools in areas such as Student Leadership, Gifted and Talented provision, Children’s Services, staff appointments, training and development, finance and community partnerships.


Mark Fenn

The Head of School at Hugh Christie who is in charge of the day-to-day operation of Hugh Christie including oversight of the curriculum, teaching, learning, attendance, examinations, ICT infrastructure, health & safety and conduct.


Palak Shah

The Senior Deputy Principal with overall responsibility for improving teaching, learning, assessment and the curriculum. He is also the designated Data Protection Officer (DPO). He is supported by Aimee Acton, Assistant Principal for Raising Standards and Matthew Harris, Assistant Principal for Quality of Education (QofE).


Paul Bargery

The Deputy Principal and Special Educational Needs  Co-ordinator (SENCO). He is responsible for children with additional educational needs. He is assisted by Rosamund Maxwell as the Head of the Skills Centre and Jeanette Ingram, Laura Allen and Theresa Clement who are the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL's).


Justin Sheppard  

The Deputy Principal for the Upper School and Sixth Form. He has responsibility for all aspects of pastoral care and student support. He also leads the House system. 


Heather Swinnerton

The Deputy Principal for the Lower School. She is also responsible for improving literacy skills across the school. She is supported by Jane Davies as the Head of the REAL Curriculum, who oversees the transition from Primary School and the Year 9 Options Process.


Sarah Stewart

The Federation Business Manager who has responsibility for the school budget, staff payroll and infrastructure.