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Our Vision & Values 

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Our vision:


“Our schools are places for all children to be happy, successful and well prepared for their future”




  • Creating safe and nurturing communities that teach, uphold and promote our values.

  • Committing to equal opportunities.

  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum delivered by specialist staff.

  • Teaching and expecting our children to be ready, be responsible and be respectful.

  • Preparing our children for the future by teaching essential life skills, gaining knowledge and learning through new experiences.


Our values


Be READY to have a successful day at school by


  • Attending every day on time.

  • Being open to taking on new ideas and knowledge.

  • Coming PREPARED having eaten breakfast, bringing anything you need and wearing the correct uniform.

Be RESPONSIBLE for your learning and behaviour by


  • Staying calm and behaving well.

  • Trying your best.

  • Learning from mistakes by having restorative conversations.


Be RESPECTFUL to yourself, to everyone and to everything in our school community by


  • Being KIND to everyone and everything.

  • Being POLITE in the way you speak.

  • Refusing to discriminate and accepting people for who they are.

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