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Our Vision & Values 


We have been rated 'Good' by Ofsted

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Aspiring to be outstanding:

  • We review, question and check the schools’ self-evaluations to ensure they are robust, challenging and aspirational. 

  • We bring in experts from outside to validate the schools’ self-assessment at least once a year, including safeguarding.

  • We monitor the schools’ appraisal systems to ensure staff are meeting the required standards and being provided appropriate training opportunities to develop and meet their aspirations.


Our schools are tolerant and inclusive places where every child and member of staff has the right to be safe, happy, respected and receive equality of opportunity:

  • We have appointed a Governor with responsibility for Equality and Diversity.

  • We challenge Senior Leaders to ensure staff workload and wellbeing are considered before making changes and expect unnecessary burdens, that do not positively impact on pupils, to be removed.

  • We receive and challenge information from Senior Leaders about any incidents of discrimination.

  • We ensure our schools are both physically and emotionally safe places by challenging Senior Leaders, receiving surveys, visiting and speaking to stakeholders.


Every child has the opportunity to receive a high quality of education:

  • We review the aims of the curriculum to ensure it is meeting the needs of learners and we monitor its implementation to ensure it is delivered.

  • We check that teaching supports the acquisition and retrieval of knowledge, skills and vocabulary over time.

  • We receive reports on the impact of the curriculum in terms of external exam results, course completion rates and pupil destinations, which are challenged.

  • We monitor attendance, behaviour, and participation to ensure all children are fully engaged.


Disadvantaged and SEND children receive equality of opportunity:

  • We have appointed Governors with responsibility for disadvantaged and SEND children.

  • We require high expectations and aspirations for all SEND and disadvantaged children.

  • We scrutinise the annual report on the use and impact of Pupil Premium funding on disadvantaged children and support for SEND children.

  • We challenge data on outcomes, attendance and behaviour for disadvantaged and SEND children.

  • We check that the range of opportunities available at the schools to build social and cultural capital and experiences are shared equally.


Our ‘Learning Journey’ prepares children well for the future:

  • We check the curriculum offer in our schools fulfil statutory responsibilities, meet the needs of all children and prepare them well for their future.

  • We check that the curriculum is appropriately sequenced and enriched by a range of additional opportunities available to all children.

  • We monitor the additional opportunities provided to prepare every child well for their future.

  • We find out if stakeholders are satisfied with the curriculum and additional opportunities available.

Developing a strong sense of community, leadership and character underpinned by British values:


  • We challenge Senior Leaders as to how they are instilling a strong sense of community locally, nationally and internationally.

  • We monitor the strength of the schools’ community through discussions with stakeholders.

  • We check how students and staff are being supported to develop their leadership potential.

  • We monitor the provision for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

  • We monitor the provision for Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education to ensure its meets statutory responsibilities and the needs of the pupils.

  • We investigate how character and values are taught, modelled and developed.

  • We check to ensure any radicalisation or extremism is effectively tackled.


Preparing for the future:


  • We are building capacity, anticipating challenges, minimising risks and developing personnel.

  • We monitor policies, finance, staff development and appraisal.

  • We attend training to keep ourselves informed of changes and challenges ahead.

  • We check all children are well prepared through the information, advice and guidance they receive by receiving information on destinations and speaking to children.

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