The person responsible for transport at the school is Pauline Brookman


01732 353544 Ext. 275 


From September 2019, all after school clubs and detentions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon where possible. The person responsible for transport at the school is Pauline Brookman and she is contactable via telephone 01732 353544 Ext. 275 or email


From Tonbridge Castle, a large number of connecting buses are available which students will be able to access with their Kent Freedom Pass.


To find out the times and number of the buses in advance, use the link below:


Use Tonbridge Castle in the 'from' box.

Details of bus services:

4 Steps to get your Bus Passes for the Hugh Christie Bus Routes 2018/19

  1. Download the Young Persons Travel Pass application form from the KCC website then download the route application form for the bus route required from the Hugh Christie web site .

  2. Return the forms and payment to KCC for the Young Persons Travel Pass. Hugh Christie will notprocess the Young Persons Travel Pass forms, this is done by KCC only.

  3. The bus passes will be distributed by the school during the first two weeks of the September term.

  4. If you do not apply within the set dates set out by KCC we cannot guarantee that your pass will be ready for the September term and you will have to pay the daily rate for travel.


Copies of the Young Persons Travel Pass application form are available to download and print from:

For more information on how to attain the post-16 bus pass, please see this information: