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Online Safety

The internet should be a safe place for everyone to use. However, sometimes others make this an unsafe place. It is important that all internet users understand the possible harms and know what to do if they experience them.

If you experience harm online you must report it to the social media service directly. If people causing harm are allowed to carry on then they will continue to upset you and others.

Contact Childline if something happens online and an adult is not there to help.


When should I go to the Police?

If any of these issues happen to you online, you MUST inform a trusted adult at home or school immediately.  It should also be reported to CEOP:

  • Someone online has asked you to send them nude images.

  • You shared a nude image with someone online and they are threatening you.

  • You did something that you were embarrassed about on webcam and someone has turned nasty towards you.

  • Someone you don't know is asking you to live-stream and do things you don't want to do.

  • Someone online keeps asking you to meet them face-to-face and you feel pressured by them.

  • Someone online was talking to you about sex and it made you feel uncomfortable.

  • Someone online is putting pressure on you to do things you don't want to do

  • Someone you met in an online game keeps trying to talk to you privately

​The Eight Online Harms

When reporting online harm, it is important to understand what type it is so it gets reported correctly. The eight key harms are below. Please click on the links to get more information about each one.

How to report online harm?

Before you decide to use a social media service, make sure you know how to report harm if it happens.

Click on the link below to access the reporting websites for some key social media services.

It is is not listed, others are available here.

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Are you spending too much time online?

Spending too much time online can damage your physical and mental health.

Too much time sitting on devices means you are not getting as much exercise as your body needs.

Time on screens has also been shown to increase anxiety, difficulty getting enough sleep, damage your social skills and make you more vulnerable to others.

Therefore it is important to balance the time you spend online with different activities.

Five tips to control your time online

1. Schedule your online time - for example, force yourself to switch off at least one hour before you sleep, do not put your phone next to where you sleep and take regular breaks away from a screen.

2. Disable unnecessary notifications so you are not constantly disturbed by pointless messages from people or places that don't matter.

3. Not many messages or posts really need a response so don't waste time doing so. 

4. Go for a walk or get some exercise

5. Real people and what they think are more important so spend more time with them

Online Safety - what would you do?

The two quizzes are there to support and give scenarios and advice on what to do.

So they could come at the end, in a section titled What would you do?


Quiz for 14-18s - UK Safer Internet Centre


Quiz for 11-14s - UK Safer Internet Centre

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