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Welcome to our Online Open Evening

Hugh Christie School is the place to be.

Please watch our introductory film to view some of the amazing opportunities we offer all our students.

Hear from our former students

The Executive Principal's Talk

Jon Barker has been Executive Principal at Hugh Christie for nearly 18 years. He is also a Hugh Christie parent with all three of his children either attending or having attended the school.

He has been teaching for 30 years and still takes Science and Physics classes at Hugh Christie School.

In his presentation, he talks about the school and what it can offer every child who attends. He also provides information about the admissions process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I live further away from the school will I still be offered a place?

Hugh Christie does not have a catchment area. Most of our places are offered by distance and sibling link. Traditionally parents who have wanted a place at Hugh Christie have managed to secure one even from further distances.

Our child has passed the Eleven Plus, but we want a mixed school for them to attend. What can Hugh Christie offer?

Hugh Christie offers a programme for able and talented students - details can be accessed here. We use ability setting to ensure students are taught in the most appropriate grouping. Our Sixth Form provides a clear academic route for all students. In 2020, our highest performing student achieved four A* grades. Our most able to students secure places at the best Universities in the country including Imperial College and the LSE.

Our child has additional educational needs. What support do you offer?

The school offers extensive support through our Skills Centre provision. For further information, click here.

My child is nervous about starting secondary school. How do you support them?

2020 has been a usual year because of Covid-19.  However, we usually run a serious of induction events between late March and July so they can really get to know us before they start. We have created an induction website that provides you with a flavour of what we offer.

What subjects are available?

Our curriculum provides an excellent mix of academic and skills-based subjects. Our website curriculum pages include a wealth of information.

What grades did your A-Level and GCSE subjects achieve this year?

A summary of our school performance information for 2022 can be viewed here.

Do you offer clubs and activities?

Absolutely. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities outside of the curriculum including sports clubs, team participation, residential visits,  day trips, cultural experiences, lunch and break clubs and so much more.

What bus services operate to the school site?

Details of our current buses that arrive on and leave from the school site can be viewed here.


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