Staff List

Academic YEAR 2018-19

Teaching Staff :  
Aimee Acton   Assistant Principal - Raising Standards Leader / Design Technology
Paul Bargery   Deputy Principal - SENCO
Jon Barker   Executive Principal (Tonbridge Federation) / Science
Katharine Bird   Modern Foreign Languages
Nick Blackwell   Director of Learning - Arts
Alex Blanshard * Science
Kelly Coleman   Director of Learning - English
Kristie Connor   Director of Learning - Science (second in charge)/Attenborough House Leader
Jane Davies   Director of Learning - REAL 
Emily Farrell   PE
Mark Fenn   Head of School / Maths
Jonathan Fenton-Vince   Director of Performing Arts (Music and School Production)
Andrew  Fissenden   Director of the Lighthouse
Janine Giovanni   Director of Learning - English (second in charge) / Film Studies
Matthew  Goss   IBCP Co-ordinator / Law / Health and Social Care
Matthew Gregory   Director of Learning - PE
Matthew Harris   Director of Learning - Science
Alison Hawley   Director of Learning - Drama/ Angelou House Leader
Matthew Heather   REAL / Mindfulness Co-ordinator
Robert  Hoddinott   Maths / D of E
Ben Horne   REAL (with responsibility for the EBACC students)
Kathleen Howard   Associate Teacher
Janet Hudson   Director of Learning - Business
Jeanette Ingram   Maths / Director of Safeguarding
Graeme Ions   Deputy Head of Upper School / PE
Laura Jackson   Director of Learning - History
Sarah Jacobson   Director of Learning - ITT & NQT Leader  / English / Media Studies
Joshua Luo   Maths
Rosamund Maxwell * Lead Skills Centre Teacher
Ross McPherson   Director of Learning - Photography / Art
Helen Nicholls * Maths / Pupil Premium Advisor
Todd Nicholls   Maths  
Ben Nicoll   Director of Learning - Netbook Project / REAL
Hannah Osborne   Associate Teacher
Louise Osborn * Geography
Debbie Page * Cover 
Rachel Pearce   Director of Learning - Modern Foreign Languages
Amy Peters * Science
Diana Renton * Photography/Art
Liam Ronan   REAL/Art/Photography
Peter Ross   English
Aaron Saunderson-Cross Associate Teacher
Palak Shah   Senior Deputy Principal - Curriculum, Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Justin Sheppard   Deputy Principal - Head of Upper School / Director of Learning - Geography
Claire Simpson * English
Thomas Stamp   Science
Georgina Stevens   English
Heather Swinnerton   Deputy Principal - Head of Lower School /Literacy Leader
Daryl Taylor   Director of Learning - PHSE / REAL / History / Psychology
Paul Thomas   Director of Learning - Design Technology 
Chris Timms * Cover
Nichola Underwood   Teaching,  Learning & Assessment Leader / Science
Lorraine Vinson   Design Technology
Beth Wade * English
Rebecca Wells   PE / Coe House Leader
Matthew Wright   Director of Learning - Maths
Support Staff :  
Laura Allen * Attendance Officer / Administration Assistant
Charlie Barker * Head of Year 11
Penny Basson * Student Support Assistant
Pauline Brookman   Federation Business Manager
Kerry  Burns * Administration Assistant
Phillip Burton * Mini-Bus Driver 
James Cope * Business Support Apprentice
Michelle Evans * Learning Technician
Wendy Gould * Receptionist / Administration Assistant
Michelle Harding * Head of Year 9
Kevin Haddell   ICT Network Manager
Liz Harris * Counsellor
Ellie Hermitage * Sixth Form and SEN Administration Assistant
Lucy Hexter-Walters * Art Technician (Maternity Leave)
Claire Hickmott * Head of Year 10
Bernadine Hodgson * Design Technology Technician - Food & Textiles
Lisa Homewood * Head of Futures
Nicholas Meekham   Creative Media and ICT Technician
Kelly Midwinter * Head of Year 7
Wendy  Mitchell * Design Technology Technician - Resistant Materials
Cindy Nye * Head of Year 8
Mark Poddington   Data Manager
Nicki Riddle   PA to Executive Principal/Administration Manager/Cover
Nicole Rosier * Administration Assistant
Irene Santineer * Assistant Business Manager Finance
Ginny Smith * Laboratory Technician / Medical Welfare Officer
Julia  Souter * Examinations Officer
Elaine Thompson * Art Technician (Covering Maternity Leave)
Alice Wood * Librarian
Teaching Assistants / LSAs  
Melanie Aspinall *  
John Britton *  
Ben Carter *  
Theresa Clement *  
Sarah  Cope *  
Wendy Cullen * Lighthouse TA
Peter Dodkins *  
Angela Firkins * Learning Support Intervention Team Leader
Helen Fulcher *  
Emma Green *  
Jackie Hollands *  
Lewis McAulay *  
Charlotte Mustill *  
Greg Roberts *  
Linda Wynn * Lighthouse LSA
* indicates part-time employee