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Most children and young adults experience some difficulties with friendships when they are at school. At Hugh Christie, we work with students to support them when friendships break down.
If your child is upset about a friendship problem, try and encourage them to resolve the issue themselves as this is usually a very effective way of solving the problem. However, if this is not possible or is not working, please contact your child’s advisor who may:
  • Mediate between friends to help solve differences
  • Use circle time so issues among a larger group can be aired
  • Monitor the situation and intervene again if necessary


Our student surveys always indicate that the vast majority of students feel safe and free from bullying at the school. However, when it occurs, bullying can be very distressing.
Friendship issues become bullying when they are sustained over a period of time and are a deliberate action of on the part of the bully. This may involve extreme name calling, physical threat, violence or extortion. As a first action, the school will interview the victim and bully and seek to resolve the issues through dialogue with all parties as described above. However, in the event bullying is repeated after our initial intervention, bullies will be placed on First Stage of the behaviour stages. Any further repeated incidents will result in the bullies being accelerated through the behaviour stages with potential permanent exclusion.
If you are concerned your child is being bullied, contact your child’s advisor immediately.

Bullying outside of the School

Where bullying is taking place outside of the school, parents should contact the Police. If your child is being intimidated online, through friendship sites such as Bebo or through MSN, make sure the messages are printed out and made available to the Police. Online bullying is a criminal offence and will be treated seriously. Please contact your child’s advisor or the Head of Year if you want advice on this issue.



If you are aware that someone in the school is being bullied, you can contact us in two ways;
·   Text us on 07781474660 – start you message with the code 20824
·   Leave a voice message on 0845 2258230 – you must enter our id number 20824
·   Tell your Pastoral Head of Year
Please make sure you provide us with the names of the people involved so we can start to investigate. We will make sure the message gets passed on to a member of staff and treat the information in strictest confidence.