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Hugh Christie Curriculum

KEY STAGE 3 - Years 7 & 8

The REAL (Relevant Engaging Active Learning) curriculum is an integral part of our Key Stage 3 curriculum. This is delivered by one teacher and covers the national curriculum subjects of History, Geography, Citizenship, Religious Education, PHSE (Personal Health Social Education), ICT, Character and Leadership skills. A project based approach is used to develop skills across subjects.
In Year 7 and 8, students are streamed in advisory groups based on three ability bands. Students can move between bands if appropriate.
BAND 1 (highest 20%) study English, Maths, Science, REAL, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, French, German or Spanish and Design & Information Technology in ability groups.
BAND 2 study Maths, REAL (including English and Science integrated as part), Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, French, German or Spanish (as appropriate) and Design & Information Technology in ability groups.
BAND 3 (lowest 5-10%) will study Maths, REAL (including English and Science integrated as part), Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education and Design & Information Technology.
PHSE is delivered by different curriculum subjects throughout the year. 
In March of Year 8, students will opt for which subjects they will study in Year 9.

KEY STAGE 4 - Years 9, 10 & 11

All students study;
  • GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature in ability sets.
  • GCSE Mathematics in ability sets.
  • GCSE Double Science or Triple Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry as separate GCSE's) in ability sets. All Year 9 will study a minimum of Double Science.
  • Up to an additional three subjects selected on the basis of the child’s interest and/or ability.
* all three Languages are not always offered each year
All students will participate in RE (Religious Education), PE, PHSE and one week of Work Experience.
A Baccalaureate group (for our most able students) will study GCSE History or Geography, GCSE French, GCSE German or GCSE Spanish plus one other GCSE option. Other students will study up to three additional GCSE subjects or applied subjects.
A very small number of students are offered work based alternative courses at The Lighthouse Project to suit their particular learning needs. Justin Sheppard (Head of Upper School) oversees the allocation of this alternative provision.

KEY STAGE 5 - Years 12 & 13

All students in Year 11 are expected to remain in education or be involved in apprenticeships or other work based training until the age of 18.
Students will be able to choose a range of courses available at Hugh Christie. These are mostly at Advanced Level (Level 3), but Level 2 courses in English and Maths are also available. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate Career Pathway as an alternative to traditional A-Levels and has a Football Academy programme with Tonbridge Angels.
Students would normally study three or four subjects for the entire two years of their A level courses.



PHSE (Personal, Health and Social Education) at Hugh Christie is delivered as part of the curriculum.
The key areas covered include:
  • Citizenship
  • Sex and relationships education*
  • Drug education including alcohol and tobacco
  • Emotional health and well being
  • Physical activity
  • Safety
  • Healthy eating
* Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Sex and Relationship education, please contact Paul Bargery at the school should you wish to discuss this further.


For further information about the curriculum at Hugh Christie, please contact Mr Palak Shah (Senior Deputy Principal and Head of the Curriculum).