REAL Curriculum


Relevant Engaging Active Learning!                             

The Team 2019-20

  • Mrs Heather Swinnerton - Deputy Principal (Head of Lower School)
  • Mrs Jane Davies - Director of Learning
  • Mr Ben Horne - Director of Learning for EBACC Student Development
  • Mr Matthew Heather - Mindfulness Coordinator
  • Mr Ben Nicoll - I/c Netbook Project
  • Mr Liam Ronan - Teacher of REAL
  • Mr Andrew Dimon - Pastoral Head of Year 7
  • Miss Kelly Midwinter - Pastoral Head of Year 8
The Aims of REAL:
  • To develop a learning community that prides itself on academic rigour, emotional wellbeing, social cohesiveness and mutual respect.
  • To ensure a smooth and effective transition for students from Year 5 to Year 8.
  • To develop a curriculum that personalises the learning experience for our students.
  • To engage students in the learning process so that they understand why they need to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • To utilise a variety of teaching and learning styles to support and enhance students’ learning.
  • To ensure that students are fully prepared for the demands and assessment methods of GCSE courses to ensure success in future examinations.
  • To promote the concept that every child is important and every child has the right to a safe place to learn and develop.
  • To promote high standards of Literacy and encourage all children to read for pleasure and to enhance academic success.
We would like students to:
  • feel valued both as a learner and a person.
  • learn skills to help them to succeed in their future lives.
  • be proud both of their achievements, themselves and the achievement of others.
  • show respect and to take responsibility for the things they do.
Keeping it REAL

Imagine a school within a school; small enough for students to be part of a close- knit community whilst also integrating into the wider and larger whole school community.

Imagine a learning community where your child is taught by the same teacher for up to  60% of the time during their first year at secondary school, rather than being confronted with numerous different members of staff, numerous different rooms and numerous different teaching styles.

Imagine a curriculum which prides itself on developing emotional security, respect and social wellbeing just as much as it prides itself on academic rigour and achievement.

Imagine a course that stresses the importance of skills and their transferability between subjects which sets tasks to prepare students for their future employability and examination requirements.

Imagine a curriculum that builds subject content into relevant and realistic activities that relate to the real world so that they make sense to your child.

Imagine a learning community that wants to help students feel happy and valued as learners as well as people; to be proud of their achievements and themselves.

Imagine a curriculum that aims to help students become independent and confident learners so that they engage in, and take control of, their own learning.
Imagine a curriculum that encourages your child to enjoy reading through providing them with books and experiences that will bring the wonder of reading to life.

Imagine all of this with a proven track record of improving academic performance, literacy skills  student engagement and enjoyment.

Don't imagine... it's REAL!
Relevant Engaging Active Learning
Only at Hugh Christie School