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Miss Janet Hudson - Director of Learning
The Business Department consists of a large business room with state of the art computers.
We boast a well-resourced department with access to scanners, colour printers, digital projectors and an interactive whiteboard.

Business is increasingly popular at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

The department adopts a skills based learning approach, where we encourage our students to improve interpersonal and communication skills in conjunction with ICT and presentation skills.

Course delivery is carried out through a variety of teaching strategies including visiting speakers, video conferencing with businesses and management presentations at case study businesses.

Recent industrial links have included London Dungeons, Arup Engineering, Cadbury World and Motorclean at Bluewater Shopping Centre. 
The department boasts excellent results at both GCSE and A Level with students here achieving a 100% pass rate last year; 36% A grade at GCSE and 55% A-B grades at A Level.


Key Stage 4

OCR Cambridge National in Business Studies 
Business is offering the OCR Cambridge Nationals Business and Enterprise (specification code J804)
  • The qualification is equivalent to one GCSE  (grades A*-F)
  • Cambridge Nationals are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction *
  • The course is comprised of 25% external assessment (exam) and 75% controlled assessment (coursework under exam conditions)
  • Although the controlled assessment is completed under exam conditions students are given plenty of opportunity to develop, research and analyse material to prepare for their final assessment


Course Content and Assessment

There are three units in the course:
Unit 1:  Introduction to Business (exam) RO61
Unit 2:  Planning for Work (controlled assessment) RO62
Unit 3:  Setting up and Running an Enterprise (controlled assessment) RO63
Unit 2 is based on job roles at Thorpe Park involving a visit to the business and a presentation by their Education Officer. Unit 3 requires students to work in teams to create a unique product or service that they then market and sell to customers.
Students will explore the following themes within these units:
  • Business ownership
  • Business aims and objectives
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Finance                                             
  • Marketing                                         
  • Enterprise
  • Job roles
  • Methods of communication
Students taking business should be keen learners who have a desire to understand how the business world around them works. They need to be willing to read and watch the news for current affairs to enhance their work. Students need to be comfortable working on their own as the course requires them to be self-disciplined and independent learners. They will need strong written English skills and the ability to create word processed controlled assessments using their own words.

Key Stage 5

Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Business Studies

Business is a two-year course leading to a single (equivalent to one A Level) or qualification.

The BTEC Extended Certificate provides opportunity for students to develop skills demanded for by employers. The qualification offers student the opportunity to:

· Prepare for further learning or training

· Develop essential knowledge, transferable skills and personal skills in a subject area that interests them with an aim of enhancing their employability

· Move into different areas of employment

· Achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification with UCAS points (equivalent to 2 A levels).

Course Content

Students complete:

· 3 Mandatory Units

· 1 Optional Unit

Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 - exploring Business

· Internal assessment

Developing a Marketing Campaign

· External assessment A task set and marked by Pearson and completed under supervised conditions · 70 marks

Unit 2 - Personal and Business Finance

· External assessment Written examination set by Pearson.

· 2 hours. · 100 marks.

Managing an Event

· Internal assessment

International Business

· Internal assessment

Principles of Management

· External assessment

· A task set and marked by Pearson and completed under supervised conditions · 88 marks.

Optional Units:

Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection Process

Unit 9 Team Building in Business

Unit 10 Recording Financial Transactions

Unit 11 Final Accounts for Public Limited Companies

Unit 12 Financial Statements for Specific Businesses

Unit 13 Cost and Management Accounting

Unit 14 Investigating Customer Service

Unit 15 Investigating Retail Business

Unit 16 Visual Merchandising

Unit 17 Digital Marketing

Unit 18 Creative Promotion

Unit 19 Pitching for a New Business

Unit 20 Investigating Corporate Social Responsibility

Unit 21 Training and Development

Unit 22 Market Research

Unit 23 The English Legal System

Unit 24 Employment Law

Unit 25 Aspects of Civil Law affecting Business

Unit 26 Aspects of Criminal Law impacting on Business and Individuals

Unit 27 Work Experience in Business


Equivalent in size to two A Levels. 8 units of which 6 are mandatory and 3 are external. Mandatory content (83%) External assessment (45%).

Our Mission Statement:
The Business Department:  “Sharing, Co-operating and Motivating For Success”.
Miss Janet Hudson
Director of Learning - Business Studies