Please click here for the 2019/20 Homework Timetable.
Home learning is really important in ensuring your child is successful at Hugh Christie School
What form can home learning take?

Teacher initiated:

  • Completing or revisiting learning from the day’s lesson.
  • Completing a task to reinforce learning from the day’s lesson.
  • Completing a portion of a project.
  • Literacy support  (e.g. spellings).
  • Preparation for tests.
  • Enrichment activities.

Parent initiated:

  • Encouragement to solve problems and make decisions. For example, ask your child to help prepare the family meal, measure out ingredients, make a shopping list or help a sibling with their homework.
  • Reading for enjoyment from a variety of sources.
  • Speaking and listening to your child to encourage them to share their learning and link it with their own lives or experiences. For example, ask them to teach you what they learnt in Maths today.

Student initiated:

  • Sharing new learning with the family.
  • Playing educational games with family and peers.
  • Involvement in everyday home activities or clubs.
Parents can expect us to set regular homework because…

Homework improves communication

Student achievement improves when parents, students and teachers share what is happening in lessons.

Homework provides practice time

Skills development requires practice.
Homework provides practice time for skills necessary in reading, writing, mathematics, research, and so on.

Homework connects learning

Students remember information better when it is connected to something personal. Asking your child questions about what they are learning in school will improve their understanding of concepts and information.

The school expects parents to ensure that...

  • Your child completes homework to the best of their ability on time and with care.
  • Your child comes to lessons prepared for learning with all the necessary equipment.
How much time should children spend completing homework?

Years Seven and Eight

  • At least 60 minutes per night.
  • 30 minutes reading for enjoyment (can include appropriate magazine, or newspapers as well as books).

Years Nine to Eleven

  • At least 90 minutes per night, including revisiting the day’s lessons.
  • 30 minutes reading for enjoyment (can include appropriate magazine, or newspapers as well as books).

Years Twelve and Thirteen (Sixth Form)

  • At least 4 hours per subject, per week.
  • Students should revisit the day’s lessons every night.
If homework is not done to the expected standard, we will inform you to let you know that your child’s education is being damaged. This information will also be recorded on your child’s report.
If you are having difficulty ensuring your child(ren) complete homework, they can attend the Homework Club. This takes place every Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in The Library until 4pm. Every child is welcome to attend.