Week 1

Welcome to the sixth form

It is now time for you to look forward!
The next six weeks, when you should have been sitting your exams, is a really valuable time to prepare yourself for Year 12.
Subjects will set six activities for you to complete in the coming weeks. It will help you to develop the important skill of independent learning that is essential for success in the Sixth Form.
The activities will focus on revisiting important knowldge, skills and vocabulary from GCSE study, introducing some new knowledge, skills and vocabulary and developing some reserach techniques.
Attempt the activities in the subjects you have chosen. You can email the subject teachers if you are not sure about anything or want some guidance as to what to do.
If you are not thinking of coming to Sixth Form at Hugh Christie, please contact the school or college you are planning to attend and request work that will help prepare you for the next steps.
Good luck and we look forward to seeing you all with us again soon!
If you have any questions about Sixth Form, please email Laura Allen on sfaallenl@tonbridgefederation.co.uk
Please click on the links below to access the first week of resources (some of these documents contain all six activities in one document):