School Houses

Angelou House

Angelou House Logo 2

Head of House - Alison Hawley

Angelou House is named after the inspirational writer, teacher, performer and civil activist Maya Angelou our first challenge is to create a House spirit of belonging and pride.

"Our values are 'Courage, Kindness and Resilience' and we will be 'rising up' to grow these values in Our House. I look forward to doing this together! Best wishes, Ms Hawley."

Angelou House Poster


Attenborough House

Attenborough House Logo 2

Head of House - Kristie Connor

House Attenborough is a collective of young minds that are dedicated to making choices that have positive impacts. Students of House Attenborough are curious, they ask questions, they consider multiple viewpoints and use their knowledge to arrive at their own conclusions.  In this house, students will develop a greater social consciousness and become empowered to make a difference. House Attenborough pupils will learn to consider local and global issues and will be challenged to think of unique ways to solve modern-day problems. In House Attenborough, students are encouraged to be passionate, dedicated and committed to making choices that will have a positive impact on their future, the future of their communities, and on the future of the world.

"If you are a member of House Attenborough, wear your colours with pride! Show your support and commitment to the values of this house by getting involved in house competitions and charity events. Remember, one person can make a change, but when we come together for a common goal we will be unstoppable."

Attenborough House Poster


Coe House

Coe House Logo 2

Head of House - Becky Wells

House Coe is a community where all students are encouraged to develop into confident and committed young adults, who will develop the ability to use competition to really motivate and drive one and other to achieve to the very best of their ability. In this community students will be encouraged to discover new talents and interests, step out of their comfort zone and will flourish into successful young individuals within a safe, competitive learning environment.

"For those of you lucky enough to be part of House Coe, you will be encouraged to be confident enough to try something you never thought you would, commit to as many house competitions as possible and to be competitive when trying to earn as many house points as possible, which can be earnt through your participation, attendance and demonstration of the 9 house values. We, as a House/Community pride ourselves on always trying new things and never giving up in order to flourish into the very best version of ourselves and together as a community. "

Coe House Poster