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26th June - Letter to parents 26th June 2020358.35 KBDownload
Letter from Jon Barker 12th May 2020 12th May 2020366.61 KBDownload
Letter from Jon Barker 14th April 2020 14th April 2020360.86 KBDownload
Information on how qualifications will be graded and awarded in summer 2020 3rd April 2020441.77 KBDownload
Letter from Hugh Christie School 30th March 2020 30th March 2020156.14 KBDownload
Letter to Year 11 and 13 students and parents regarding exams 21st March 2020363.64 KBDownload
Further letter from Hugh Christie 20th March 2020191.61 KBDownload
Hugh Christie School - response required 20th March 2020279.83 KBDownload
Yr 11 and Yr 13 letter regarding 2020 examinations 19th March 2020162.42 KBDownload
Important letter to all - 18th March 2020 19th March 2020267.37 KBDownload
COVID-19 Update 18th March 2020 18th March 2020369.2 KBDownload
COVID 19 update 17th March 2020 18th March 2020269.29 KBDownload
Coronavirus letter 26th Feb 2020 18th March 2020647.08 KBDownload
End of Term letter - Dec 2019 4th December 2019446.13 KBDownload
Investigation into End of Term Awards 8th July 20191.08 MBDownload
Letter from Jon Barker - Executive Principal 21st June 2019432.48 KBDownload
Yr 7 Exam letter, timetable and revision list 17th June 2019302.14 KBDownload
Yr 8 Exam letter and timetable 17th June 2019295.52 KBDownload
Review of Hams Travel Bus and Hugh Christie Minibus Services 1st April 2019636.67 KBDownload
Beauty and the Beast production - 3rd and 4th April 2019 26th March 2019359.78 KBDownload
Focus Five for Lower School 19th March 2019231.67 KBDownload
Social Media 28th February 2019240.16 KBDownload
Science Revision Guides - Parent Letter 26th February 201993.81 KBDownload
Letter to all Year 9 parents regarding Vaccinations 1st February 2019161.51 KBDownload
Performance Tables 2018 28th January 20191.17 MBDownload
Parent Governor Vacancy January 2019 22nd January 20191.61 MBDownload
Election of Parent Governors 19th September 2018136.33 KBDownload
Beauty Bank 19th September 2018430.46 KBDownload
Start of term Sept 2018 28th August 20181.34 MBDownload
Focus Five for Year 7 and 8 students June 2018 21st June 201837.8 KBDownload
Introducing the MyEd App 1st May 2018128.34 KBDownload
Hugh Christie Technology College name change 5th March 201837.33 KBDownload
National Apprenticeship Show 2nd March 201843.54 KBDownload
Food Bank Collection - 8th December 2017 30th November 2017308.53 KBDownload
Yr 12 - National Citizen Service 2nd October 201753.73 KBDownload
Autumn Showcase Rehursals 27th September 201782.25 KBDownload
Drama Club 27th September 201782.14 KBDownload
Yr 10 Skills Fest Trip 10th October 2017 18th September 201783.62 KBDownload
Parent Governor Election results 8th June 201732.65 KBDownload
Election of Parent Governor 24th May 201775.61 KBDownload
Parent Govenor Election 18th April 201745.82 KBDownload
Arriva Bus Timetable Changes 24th March 2017433.71 KBDownload
Changes to the bus service 581 and 582 20th March 2017193.88 KBDownload
World Book Day 2017 21st February 2017194.01 KBDownload
Managing Medicines in School 12th January 2017257.84 KBDownload
Changes to Bus services 12th January 2017212.34 KBDownload