Severe Weather Arrangements

Please note that it is only in exceptional circumstances and severe weather conditions that the school will close. MITIE, the facilities management company who oversee the site, must make every effort to prepare the site for the safe running of a school day.
The school will only close if the site is deemed unsafe or the available staffing is insufficient to supervise the expected number of children attending.
Therefore, the parents and students should expect, and plan that, the school will remain open.
As always, the decision to send your child to school in severe weather rests with the parents. However, if your child is sent to school, they will be expected to remain with us all day as normal. Please be aware that normal timetabled lessons are unlikely to operate on such days. Students will be expected to remain indoors.



Information about school closure will appear in one of three places. No other sources should be relied upon.
They are:
The school website - www.hughchristie.kent.sch.uk
The official school Facebook page  - https://www.facebook.com/hughchristieschool/
Kent School Closure site at http://www.kentclosures.co.uk/#
Information about closures will be posted by 7am at the latest. If no information about closures is posted on this site, then the school is open as normal.
Please do not telephone the school to check.


The school will endeavour to contact bus operators in severe weather to find out if they are running services and post this information on the school website and the Facebook page only.

Leaving school during the day

Once open, a normal school day will operate where possible. Students will only be permitted to leave the site if the bus companies advise us that they need to run services earlier.
Parents are requested NOT to arrive at school to collect their child(ren) early without contacting the school in advance to make arrangements. This is incredibly unsettling for those who are remaining and can cause significant anxiety.

In the event of closure.......

If the school is required to close work will be made available online, via the school website, and posted below.