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Partner Schools


  1. Hugh Christie School, White Cottage Road, Tonbridge, TN10 4PU, Kent U.K.
Hugh Christie School is a non-selective secondary school located in a semi urban environment on the northern outskirts of Tonbridge in Kent.  Its 1,500 pupils range from 11 to 18 years and live within a 10 mile radius of the school with the majority living locally in Tonbridge. The school is not in a disadvantaged area but the pupils come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and display a wide range of abilities with a good proportion of having special needs (learning and behavioural).  Increasingly more pupils are joining the school from diverse ethnic groups and the traveller community.  The majority of pupils of the school go onto further education locally or enter employment directly.  A small proportion (<10%) go to Universities).
  1. Pinarkule Ortaokulu, Adnan Kahveci Mah. Osmanli Cad. No 32,  Beylikdüzü 34528, TR100-Istanbul, Turkey.
This is a public secondary school located in Beylikdüzü,  a rapidly expanding and busy western suburb of İstanbul, Turkey’s most crowded city.  Beylikdüzü is currently seeing rapid development and expansion with new residents coming from all areas of Turkey.  We have 400 pupils ranging from 11 to 14 years old.  Our pupils come from a broad range of cultural backgrounds as well as a variety of socioeconomic circumstances. Pupils go on to study in upper secondary school.
  1.  Liceo Elsa Morante, via Monterose 31b, Naples 80144, Italy.
A nonselective secondary school based in a busy and crowded city suburb.  It is surrounded by a few facilities for the development of the children and students are disadvantaged from the social and cultural view.  On leaving school, students seek work in the local community or places in local colleges.
  1. CC El Salvador C/San Vicente No 17, Leganes, Madrid, 28912 Spain
 A private school that receiving public funds aimed at 3-16 aged students. We have been educating for over 30 years      with highly qualified teachers. In our school, over 200 secondary students attend to classes regularly and there are about 20 secondary teachers.   The school is in an urban area with varied social and economic status.  In their final year the pupils go to AULA, a forum where the pupils can learn the options open to them when they finish school.
  1. Zespol Szkol Ponadgimnazjaalnych nr 1, Mickiewicza 6, Busko-Zdroj, 28-100 Poland
A public school in Poland consisting of the Third General Secondary School, the First Technical School and the First Vocational School.
  1. Gaseamptschule Kaiserplatz, Kaiserplatz 50, Krefeld, 47800, Germany.
A non-selective inner city school with pupils from a large Greek migrant community as well as increasing number of migrant children and with a good number of children having special needs.
The Gesamtschule is an integrative school, combining students with lower, medium and a higher level ability in one class. We teach students coming from the primary school up to the final examinations (Abitur). Most of the students leave school after year 10 to start an education for trades and professions.  Migrants from other countries are as well students at our school especially in the higher classes, which will go to the "Abitur" (high school graduate).
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