What career-related courses are available?

What career-related courses are available at Hugh Christie?
We offer four career related pathways:
· Business & Legal Studies
· Creative Media and Film
· Music and Performance
· Phycology and Social Science
What IB diploma courses will be available to study alongside these?
You will need to take at least two IB diploma courses. We offer the following at a Standard Level (equivalent to half an A level):
  • Information Technology in the Global Society
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Music
  • Film Studies
Depending on which career-related pathway you choose, we will discuss the best combination of IB diploma options with you.
What kind of student is a good candidate for the CP?
The CP is an excellent choice for students who have an idea of the career area they are interested in and want hands-on learning and experience. The programme provides students with an impressive portfolio of accomplishments for university study and employment.
How much time does the CP programme take?
The CP is a full-time course lasting two years. You will be expected to attend school every day and complete additional homework.
What will be the entry requirements?
The CP programme is demanding and has an academic element. Therefore, you need to have achieved a grade four in GCSE Maths and English. We would also expect at least three other passes at GCSE C grade or equivalent.
Should I consider the CP programme instead of A levels?
The CP programme is for students who have a particular career pathway in mind. A levels are another excellent pathway available at Hugh Christie. If you are unsure of which pathway to follow, speak to your teachers or a Year 11 advisor.