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What will I study?

To gain the CP qualification at the end of two years, you will need to be successful in gaining the following qualifications:
· A career-related course such as a BTEC or Cambridge Technical
· Two IB diploma courses (each equivalent to half an A level)
· The CP Core
Why is the Career-related Programme better than just taking BTEC  or  Cambridge Technical courses alone?
The strength of the CP is that it combines a career-related course with the International Baccalaureate’s highly regarded Diploma Programme (DP) and a unique CP core. It will provide you with a greater range of skills and give you a significant edge when moving on.
What is the CP core?
The CP core is the most important element of the programme. It consists of four components—community and service, personal and professional skills, language  development and a reflective project. Combined, these elements help students develop the communication and personal skills necessary for success in rapidly changing, and increasingly competitive, world.
Community and service
Community and service is based on the principles of service learning where students will gain knowledge of their local community, develop a sense of responsibility and work with others on a project that will be of real benefit to others. This will be linked to the  career pathway you choose and it will be expected that all Hugh Christie Sixth Formers participate.
Personal and professional skills
This course introduces students to life skills that help make sense of the world. The course emphasises critical and ethical thinking, understanding of other cultures and the ability to communicate effectively.
Language development
Language development ensures that all CP students are exposed to a language, that will increase their understanding of the wider world. Students learn a language that suits their needs and background.
Reflective project
The reflective project asks students to identify, analyse, critically discuss and evaluate an ethical issue arising from their career-related studies. The project can be done in different formats, including an essay, a web page or a short film.
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