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Following a request from the Student Parliament, we have installed lockers available to hire to students for them to store their school and personal belongings. We have 300 lockers (100 per House) to allocate on a first come first served basis each academic year. If students wish to be allocated a locker, they must return the completed application form back to Mr Fenn in school or send the completed application form back to the school office.

Rental Rules

Please note that all students who use a locker are agreeing by default to comply without exception to the locker rental rules and it is important that these are brought to their attention.
Misuse and damage to lockers continues to deflect resources, both time and money, away from other areas of the school’s operation whilst also resulting in additional charges being incurred by parents/carers.
Liability for damage caused by a student resides with their parent/carers.
All students will have to provide their own padlock to secure the locker.
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