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Important information for renewing your Kent Freedom Pass

This is a reminder for parents to renew and apply for the first time for their Kent Freedom Passes by 15th July 2011 to ensure the pass is ready for September 2011. Application forms will be available on our website from 6th June 2011. www.kent.gov.uk/kentfreedompass

Parents who pay £100 should be able to pay online, this is in progress at the moment, otherwise parents will have to submit an application form in the post with a cheque/postal order. We will not need a new photograph for renewal applications. We will be sending out application forms and leaflets next week. We will only be sending out a small amount of application forms as we want to encourage as many parents as possible to download a form from our website. Please can you make this information available to parents and students if possible.


Important information for renewing your Kent Freedom Pass

Your existing Kent Freedom Pass will cease to be accepted for travel at the end of August 2011. Please therefore be mindful of the following timetable for renewing your existing pass:

Monday 6 June

Applications open for 2011-12 passes

Friday 15 July

In order to have a new pass available from the start of term in September, you MUST apply by this date. If your application is not received by this date, then your pass is unlikely to be available at school on the first day of term and you will have to pay the non-refundable bus fares until your pass is ready.

For the first time, you will be able to apply and pay online by credit card and further details will be announced when applications open at the beginning of June.

The fee for applying for a Kent Freedom Pass will be as follows:           

£100 in academic year 7 -11* at a school or other recognised institution

£50 in receipt of Free School Meals in academic year 7 -11* at a school or other recognised institution

£0 (free) A Young Carer or a Young Person in Care or a Care Leaver (please refer to our website for precise definitions)

* Children who by age would ordinarily be in year 11, but have been put forward into year 12, are also eligible.

The Kent Freedom Pass scheme was introduced as a pilot initially in 2007 and has been rolled out in stages such that it now covers the whole county. This has increased the total cost of the scheme to more than £10million a year, even after taking account of the income from pass applications. In light of local government funding pressures, it has been necessary to review the scheme for 2011-12 and having considered many options, KCC believes that changing the application fee to the level shown above balances all of the demands on it in continuing to run the scheme: 

    * Maintaining a universal benefit of unlimited travel

    * Providing a substantial saving on the cost of commercial bus season tickets (up to £800 in some cases)

    * Managing the total cost of the scheme within KCC's funding

    * Keeping the administration simple and cost effective

The KFP scheme continues to be one of the most generous travel passes of its kind outside of London and, apart from the application fee, is wholly funded by KCC.

We look forward to receiving your application and to you continuing to access the benefits of the Kent Freedom Pass scheme.

Kent Freedom Pass Team

phone: 08458 247 247

email:             kentfreedompass@kent.gov.uk