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  • 2020 7

Important Notice - Year 10 and Year 12 Parents - updated 10th June

If we recieved either the survey response or email informing us that your child will or might return to school from Monday 15th June, we will be writing to you this week with the details (letter to be posted on Monday afternoon). These letters are personalised with the day your child can attend next week.
Year 10 will be allowed to attend for one day on etiher a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Numbers, based on the survey returns, are currently capped at no more than 30 on one day divided into two classes for English, Maths and Science and in five classes for one of their options in the afternoon.
Year 12 will attend on Thursday and Friday with an extended option A, B and C lesson on Thursday and option D and E lesson on Friday.
The link to the risk assessment, available documents and film is here
We cannot accept any more pupils into school for the week commending the 15th June other than the ones we already are aware of. If you are keeping your child at home currently or have not responded to our earlier emails and letters, we will write to you as well so you are aware of what do to if the situation changes. 


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