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Hugh Christie GCSE results

Hugh Christie students are collecting their GCSE examination results today.

English and Maths GCSE are the only subjects where a direct comparison with last year are meaningful due to the continuing reform of these qualifications. The proportion achieving Grade 4 or better (the equivalent of a C grade in the old system) and Grade 7 or better (the equivalent of a grade A in the old system) both improved compared to 2017.

The school’s Attainment 8 grade remained consistent this year despite the significant demand and challenge of the new GCSE courses.

High prior achievers and disadvantaged students have both significantly improved overall outcomes compared to 2017. One in five of our boys achieved the EBACC qualification.

Biology and Physics were particularly strong with 100% achieving the equivalent of a pass. Nearly half the entry achieved Grade 7 or better (the equivalent of an A grade) in Biology.

Some students achieved particularly impressive outcomes.

  • Luke Taylor achieved a stunning seven subjects awarded at Grade 9.
  • Jamie Waterhouse achieved six subjects awarded at Grade 9 and a further A* in Product Design.
  • Ethan Cracknell achieved three grade nines including Chemistry and Physics.
  • Jessica Davey achieved a total of seven subjects awarded at Grade 7 or better.
  • Vanisha Cunniah achieved a total of five subjects awarded at Grade 7 or better.

This year has been an immense challenge for students and teachers alike due the major reform of the vast majority of qualifications. Therefore, we are pleased to have maintained our overall attainment score. We are also pleased to have improved our GCSE Maths and English results.  Our disadvantaged students have made significant improvements to their outcomes and now have tremendous opportunities to move on with their education.  The results show that students who work hard and try their best do make really good progress at our school.