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GCSE results 2017

Despite the increase in difficulty of the English and Maths GCSE qualifications this year, the proportion achieving Grade 4 or better (the equivalent of a C grade) and Grade 7 or better (the equivalent of a grade A) were improved compared to 2016.

Overall, the proportion achieving A and A* grades (or the equivalent) across all the subjects improved by 6% this year.

Some subjects made some significant improvements. The proportion achieving A* to C (or the equivalent) in Science improved by 20%, Spanish by 15%, ICT by 25%, Food Technology by 38% and Sport by 29%. History results were particularly impressive with a 16% improvement in the proportion achieving a C grade or better and nearly a quarter awarded at A* or A grade. GCSE German was taken for the first time this year with 79% achieving A* to C grades.

Overall, 65% of the grades awarded were at C (or equivalent) or better; a 7% improvement on 2016 and despite a fall nationally.

Some students achieved particularly impressive outcomes.

  • Matthew Barker achieved the equivalent of six A* grades and 3 A grades.
  • Ali Mevawala achieved the equivalent of four A grades and two A* grades; Ali also achieved a Grade 9 in English Literature.
  • Richard Jones-Donnithorne achieved the equivalent of four A grades and three A* grades.
  • Jasmine Chapman achieved nine GCSEs, including a Grade 9 in English Literature.

Executive Principal, Jon Barker said:

 “I would like to congratulate the students on achieving some really good results this year. The changes to English and Maths courses have been a significant challenge for everyone concerned. Hugh Christie students continue to meet the demanding challenge of the English Baccalaureate subjects and have performed well again this year, with 20% of the cohort achieving this qualification. The results show that students who work hard and try their best can make outstanding progress at our school”

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