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Uniform arrangements this week

The weather forecast on Monday to Thursday predicts temperatures over 25 Celsius. Therefore, blazers do not need to be worn this week.

Students are expected to wear their tucked in shirt and tie or blouse as normal. Please remember to take conduct cards out of blazer pockets and bring to school as normal.

Blazers will be expected to be worn by all student in Years 7 to 9 again from next Monday 26th June.

We are holding a non-uniform day on Friday in memory of Josh Mileham. He was a student at Hugh Christie until he moved to Two Bridges School about a year ago. Recently, he died at the age of just 14.

Both his parents are also deceased. To help his grandparents with the cost of the funeral, we are holding a non-uniform day on Friday 23rd June.

Please donate £2 to this cause. Thank you.