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Hugh Christie students meet legendary photographer David Bailey

Last Friday night, Hugh Christie rewarded four Gifted and Talented GCSE Photography students, Mia Kamau, Lottie Thompson, Sobhan Sadeghi  and James Hough with tickets to a sold out evening at the Royal Institute to hear iconic British photographer David Bailey in conversation with Tim Marlow.
Bailey spoke about his own difficulties at school, being dylexic and dyspraxic but having high levels of 'visual literacy' which drew him to photography. There were many animated stories with very colourful East End language about his experiences photographing some of the world's most famous celebrities and artists. He recounted his chance meeting Salvador Dali in an elevator and two days in a hotel room with Man Ray, who gave him six paintings which his assistant mistook for rubbish and threw away.
Sobhan Salgedhi, asked Bailey what advice would he give for an aspiring photographer, Bailey replied "I wouldn't be so presumptuous, what advice can I give you? Just get out there and do it!". 
Bailey explained how he was drawn towards the personalities of his sitters, mimicking the pose of student James Hough, saying "Its easy to take pictures, it's there, like the way you are sitting there with your hands on your knees and your mouth open, you're like that bloke in Pyscho!" he joked.
The students have been studying the work of Bailey to understand and apply the technical aspects of studio lighting to capture the personalities of their fellow students. 
James Hough summed up the evening saying "His photographs are really inspiring and he has made me think about how good photographs are everywhere, you just need to look harder".

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