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Focus Fortnight Week 1

The first week of this year’s Focus Fortnight has been a great success.

Students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form have been taking part in Pre Public Exams. These are essential preparation for the actual exams in the Summer. They have also been improving coursework in some subjects so they can maximise their grades.

Most students in Year 10 have been taking part in work experience and, so far, have been the best year group for the last three years in terms of participation.

Feedback so far:

  • Mia Kamau - 'all good, well presented and keen'
  • Brandon Deacon - 'He's very lovely and the children are loving him being here'
  • Alens Gulbis - 'He's getting on really well. quite impressive' 
  • James Hough - Doing really well.

As part of our whole school approach to Career Futures, Year 9 have taken part in an Employability workshop. This event provided an opportunity for the students to acquire the skills and behaviours which will be helpful in the workplace and practice these skills in team activities throughout the day.

Year 9 students also visited the Holocaust Museum at the Imperial War Museum and were also privileged to hear the testimony from a Holocaust Survivor, who visited the school on Friday.

Year 9 have also taken part in a Healthy Living Day and learnt that Religion is really a lot like football!

Students in the REAL Academy have been working together on a number of exciting projects. They took part on a balloon debate where they were visited by six influential Tudors and had do decide, through questioning , which one of the six would remain in the balloon and which five who would be thrown out! William Shakespeare was the lucky Tudor to survive!

REAL students also went around the world in a day, visiting a variety of countries to learn about their customs. Students visited New Zealand and all performed their version of the Haka!

On Friday, all students gave a presentation to a panel of staff and parents about a person or group of people who had changed the world. This included some signing and dressing up! The presentations were really impressive.

We are looking forward to week two!

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