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Severe weather arrangements

Hugh Christie is a well maintained modern building and so it is highly unlikely that it would ever need to close during periods of severe weather.

Any information regarding emergency school closure, changes to the school day or transport arrangements will only be posted here on the school website. Do not rely on information from any other source.

If the 240, 241, 244, 245 or Hugh Christie mini buses cannot operate, we will notify you on this website by 7-00am at the latest. For the 153, 581 and 582 services, you will need to wait at the bus stop to see if they are operating. If buses operate in the morning, they will also operate in the afternoon.

In the event that the weather deteriorates during the school day, we will remain open as normal for students who can walk. Buses may need to collect students early so please make sure your child can access you house or get to an alternative safe place if you will not be at home.

Please do not collect your child from the school during severe weather as it is very disruptive for those who need to remain. If it is essential your child goes home for safety reasons, please contact the school in advance. You will be required to collect them from reception.





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