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Exchanging Places December 2015

Nearly forty Student Leaders from Years 10 and 11 exchanged places with Hugh Christie staff today.

This annual event gives students the opportunity to learn what it is like to work at the school and carry out some of the wide range of jobs available within the school. Having experienced working at the school, they then gave some advice as to how the school can become even better.

Students took on roles such as the Executive Principal, Head of School, teachers, Data Manager, Learning Support Assistant and Librarian.

A group of students who were the Senior Leadership Team advised Governors on how homework could be improved for Year 7 and 8. Others helped to resolve students' problems and deal with complaints.

In 2016, the plan is that this event will be repeated in five other European Countries with an international exchanging places event in 2017.

The students were excellent and participated really well in the day.



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