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REAL Rememberance Day

Students in Years 7 & 8 brought a new dimension to Remembrance Day by creating their own field of Poppies commemorating those from the Tonbridge area who gave their lives in World Wars one and two.
Each student researched  a real person who had lived in the Tonbridge area and who had fought in one of the World Wars. They then made a poppy and wrote a message or a description about that person to mark and acknowledge the sacrifice made. The students found it very interesting and moving to read about people who shared their names or who lived in addresses that they saw every day. IT certainly made the whole day much more significant and real.
A ceremony was held on November 11th where students planted their poppies to create a field of Remembrance. It was a very moving and respectful occasion and the students showed just how much they appreciated the lives of these real people.

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