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‘Young BioGateway’ - a celebration of the Life Science industry

At the end of September, enthusiastic science students from Hugh Christie travelled down to Discovery Park in Sandwich to join 200 students from other schools across Kent attending the ‘Young BioGateway’ - a celebration of the Life Science industry. 

Sponsored by Pfizer and the Kent Education Business Partnership, this event gave students the opportunity to get hands-on with Bioscience projects and speak directly to a large range employers actively involved in the Life-Science industry. Over 35 companies from: bio-medical, pharmaceutical research, biochemical, clinical, forensics, marine biology, agriculture and food production, product design and bio-informatics and many more were there to work with the young people. The aim of the newly launched Young BioGateway is to dispel any stereotypes that young people might have regarding the Life Sciences world, offering vital information regarding the necessary employability skills that so many companies look for in prospective employees and encouraging students to take part in genuine industry activities and areas of research. 

This was an incredible opportunity for our students to see what might be available to them for a career in the next few years, within such a diverse and exciting industry. The experts were on-hand to show students a range of exciting career possibilities, via the use of hands-on activities and exhibitions.

Jon Barker said: “we are fully committed at Hugh Christie to give every opportunity we can for our students of all ages to experience the world-of-work whilst at school and gain the inspiration required to define their own careers. These types of events can hopefully transform the lives of young people giving them the necessary motivation and a purpose to their realising the very best qualifications they are able to achieve”. 

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