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Former students need your support!

Both Lee Wenham and Scott Mitchell received the news recently that their children had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes......a total shock to them both but there children have proved stronger than they ever knew they could be.

Meet the little rascals:

Cellan Wenham is 8 years old and was diagnosed in August 2014, he loves Football, Swimming and Kung Fu, his daddy says "Cellan is an awesome boy a real fun loving kid, who has taken this in his stride"

Freya Mitchell is 3 years old and was diagnosed in September 2014, she loves Dancing, Gymnastics and everything Minnie Mouse, Freyas daddy says "Freya is an absolute gem, a little comedian and the toughest kid i know"

So what is it?  Cellan and Freya have to have at least 4 injections of insulin on a daily basis (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bed), the amount of insulin depends on the amount of carbs they have eaten and also on what their blood glucose reading is....complicated right ! Well Lee, Scott, there wives and families have had to learn about Type 1 Diabetes very quickly so they can make there childrens' lives as normal as possible.

What they plan to do: The Determined Daddies will complete epic challenges and set up events to raise money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes, the Determined Daddies will not stop until a cure is found and they have spread awareness to the moon and back again ! 

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