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Focus Fortnight Years 7 & 8

Focus Fortnight is coming, here is the planned timetable for Years 7 & 8:

Focus Fortnight Details for Year 7 and 8 Students

As you will be aware from the school calendar, the two weeks commencing the 19th January have a collapsed timetable for Focus Fortnight. Students at Hugh Christie will be experiencing a range of opportunities and activities that will enhance their learning and their experience of the world.  Students in Year 7 and 8 will also be sitting mid- year examinations and assessments.

The focus will be on a range of activities on cross-curricular themes which will allow students to further combine the subjects of English, History, Geography, Religious Education, Citizenship and ICT in addition to developing their skills of research, presentation and collaborative working. Students will also get the opportunity to try new activities that are not usually on the school curriculum.

Students will be working in completely new groups which will contain both Year 7 and 8 and they will experience different teachers and teaching styles. The Disney Trip will also be taking place in the second week of Focus Fortnight.

During the weeks, students will be keeping a Diary as a record of all the work they have done .

The outline for students in Year 7 and 8 is shown below

Week One

19th January

20th January

21st January

22nd January

23rd January

Examinations in Reading, Spelling and Science.

Examination in Writing.


Preparation for Focus Fortnight and Mountain theme.

“Climb Every Mountain.”


Guest Speaker

Mountains study

Hopes and Dream.

Mount Everest Story.

“Days that Changed the World”.

Students will be in small groups preparing a presentation on a key date in History.

“Days that Changed the World” – presenting to Adult Listeners (School Governors and Parents)

Week Two

26th January

27th January

28th January

29th January

30th January


A whole day of reading and Reading Activities. This event is sponsored so please sponsor your child for this day.

Disney Trip Leaves ( Year 7 Students)


“Around the World in a Day” – students will experience sessions exploring other countries.

“REAL at the Museum” – students will be creating stories in relation to historical artefacts and will create their own Museum.

“Hobbies and Pastimes”

These last two days will focus on learning different skills and games.

(NON-UNIFORM – clothes suitable for practical activities)

“ Hobbies and Pastimes”


Focus Finale.


(NON-UNIFORM- clothes suitable for practical activities)


Please do support your child in these weeks by talking to them about the activities that they have done and please do make sure that your child is fully equipped. A set of colouring felt pens or pencils would be very useful for these weeks.  Students must also make sure that they have their netbooks with them.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Swinnerton or Mrs Davies should you require any further information on Focus Fortnight. I am sure it will be an interesting and valuable experience which will enhance students’ REAL experience.


A printable version of the timetable can be found on the Letters Home section of the website.