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Internet security update

December 2014

Dear Parents / Carers,

December Update:  Important changes to internet security

I am writing to you to draw your attention to a change in the efficiency of our  internet security system. As of the 11th December, all three of the main search engines, namely Google, Bing and Yahoo, have added extra encryption to their software. These changes have compromised the effectiveness of our internet security system in school. Whereas before, our systems would block the majority of inappropriate searches, now our system will block the searches but students will have the opportunity to bypass this and therefore access the material on line.

Currently, Kent County Council are looking at ways of dealing with this, but until a permanent fix is found, there is nothing that can be done. Hugh Christie plan to continue to educate the students to become responsible users of the internet as per our e-safety policy. Any student who breaches the school’s e-safety policy, will be picked up by our monitoring software and sanctioned accordingly.


School Improvement Continues

This calendar year has been a very successful one at Hugh Christie. At the start of the year we achieved an OfSTED rating of good and both the Year 11 and Year 13 cohorts produced some very pleasing examination results. Our aim now is to build on these successes and become an outstanding school. To do this we need to focus on improvements in the following areas:

  1. Uniform – Recently some students have been wearing the incorrect uniform. Please may I urge parents to support the school in ensuring that students come appropriately dressed to school. From January, students who fail to meet our high expectations will be expected to report to a member of staff on a daily basis. Failure to comply will result in a sanction.
  2. Lateness – Good attendance has a direct correlation to the academic success of a student. Please promote the need for good attendance and punctuality to all lessons with your children. Repeated lateness will result in a College detention being issued and in extreme cases, the issuing of a fixed penalty notice.


Broadening the Student Experience

During the first two terms of this academic year, the school has continued to progress and give students access to a host of exciting opportunities and experiences. In addition to the annual Autumn Showcase, the 6th form ran a Tag Debating session for the younger students, in excess of 40 trips and visits to venues all over the South of England have been enjoyed and on the 1st December, the student leaders took over the running of the school for a day. Students at Hugh Christie continue to greatly benefit from these opportunities and we will continue to offer all our students a diverse range of exciting experiences.


Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely
Mark Fenn (Head of School)