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Student Takeover Day

Students take over the school but just for one day

Thirty Year 10 and 11 students at Hugh Christie Technology College had the opportunity to take over the jobs of a range of staff on Monday 1st December.

Students had to apply to take on a range of roles within the school including the Executive Principal, teachers, administration staff and other support staff. They were then selected and on Monday had the opportunity to find out what doing the job was really like.

Tasks included meeting with a parent group to listen to concerns, teaching classes, discussing issues with students, observing lessons, being on duty, preparing data and being questioned by Governors.

Chanice Gardner in Year 10 was the Executive Principal for the day. Chanice had to instantly make a decision about a member of staff who needed some time off. She also visited Long Mead Primary School and toured the school with Mrs Powell. Her busy day ended with a question and answer session from the Governing Body.

The take over day is part of the Student Leadership Programme at Hugh Christie. Students in older years have been charged with finding out how the school works to make suggestions for improvements as to how it can become outstanding.

Executive Principal, Mr Barker said “the students found the day quite challenging and had not really appreciated the demands on staff throughout a normal school day. For me it has been really helpful to gain a student perspective of how the school works and they have already come up with some fantastic ideas as a result of today”.

Students who took part said they found the experience fun, challenging but a bit stressful at times; “it is really hard when all those eyes are staring at you when you are at the front of a class” said one of the students teaching Science all day.

Helen Humphrey was among a group of parents involved in a discussion with the Student Leaders. She said “giving Student Leaders the opportunity to work in different roles across the school is a fantastic way of boosting confidence and giving them an insight into the adult world”.

Ethan Gibb's Day (doing Mr Austin's job):

8:15am: Staff Briefing

8:30am: putting a News Item on the website.

8:35am: we're not sure what to put in the News Item, so we go and have a chat with Mr Barker to find out.

8:50am: News Item typed up and published online.

8:55am: designing a Student Takeover banner for the website.

9:20am: just put a new banner on the website - the power!

10:00am: made some changes for a poster that a member of staff wanted, got approval for the changes made, took the poster to admin to get it copied. Started preparing for my lesson - got books ready, got resources ready.

10:50am: all preparations for the lesson are made, I've had a little bit of a practice. 10 minutes to go!

11:15am: Lesson complete!
It was a hard lesson, but year 7 where good all the time. It was hard at first but got I into the swing of it. I heard the LSA say "I did good". All round good lesson. Up for the next challenge!
(Mr Austin's feedback: He was brilliant! Completely understating how well he did. He was calm and controlled throughout the lesson, and changed and adapted the lesson as needed like a pro! I couldn't be more proud of Mr Gibbs, and he certainly needs to be proud of himself too. Well done!)

Up next: helping Mr Austin with his Yr 11s, then a Lunchtime duty.



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