Community Action Service

Community, Action, Service Activities – Sixth Form

Sixth Form Students are given the opportunity to apply for various job vacancies and work experience opportunities to fit within their academic studies.

Some students may elect to volunteer in hospitals or primary schools as they may be choosing that area for their career progression. These opportunities not only support the community of the school but also enable them to develop their interpersonal skills, organisation and assists with their applications to jobs, apprenticeships and UCAS.

Other students apply in writing and / or by interview to the following departmental posts:-

Some examples……

  • Business Department Assistant
  • REAL student mentors
  • Student reading coaches
  • Media Assistant
  • ICT Assistant
  • Library Assistant
  • Maths Assistant
  • Displays & Board Designers
  • PE Extra-curricular Assistant
  • PE Technician
  • Post 16 Assistant
  • Science Trainee technician
  • Science Assistant
  • Technology Trainee technician
  • Technology Assistant