Hugh Christie Leadership Diploma

The Leadership Diploma – Years 8 and 9

Six areas of Leadership

To achieve the Hugh Christie Leadership Diploma, students in Years 8 and 9 will have to demonstrate leadership qualities in six key areas:

1. Enterprise

2. Community

3. Mentoring

4. Student Voice

5. Planning

6. Learning

The students will keep a simple passport in their planners for all staff to sign when they have completed an activity in a key leadership area.

Diploma certificates will be awarded during assembly and successful students’ names will be displayed.

3 areas completed = Bronze Award

4 areas completed = Silver Award

6 areas completed = Gold Award and an expectation to become a Student Leader in Years 10/11


  • Fundraising for a charity or school event



  • Librarian duties
  • Helping others in the local community or in the place where they live
  • Helping with open days, taster days or with new students
  • Helping or assisting staff or other students on a regular basis
  • Elections



  • Taking part in a mentoring programme
  • Contributing to a lunchtime or after school club
  • Working with a student in a lower year group

Student Voice

  • Being a member of Parliament
  • Taking part in a lesson observation
  • Helping to interview new staff
  • Sharing ideas of how to make the school even better
  • Presenting ideas to the Leadership Team and Governing Body


  • Preparing an assembly
  • Displays
  • Dance or music production
  • Helping with planning a trip
  • Helping to plan an advisory group event.
  • Organising a sports team or event




  • Producing a schedule for revision or homework
  • Leading project work during a lesson
  • Presenting ideas to others in lessons
  • Taking the lead in group work